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Homestead & Terrace | Athol Gardens Weddings & Functions, Blayney NSW

From Past

Athol was one of the first parcels of land granted to European settlers shortly after the route from Sydney over the Blue Mountains had been opened. It reached its zenith during the Glasson’s time with 2,000 acres of prime farming and grazing land. Only three families have owned the property. 

The homestead at Athol Gardens was built by Richard and Aphra Glasson in 1875. Acquiring the property from Neil Stewart, a Scot, who had named it after the family seat of the Stewart clan in Perthshire Scotland: Blair Athol.

Laurence Skene purchased Athol in October 1926 and lived at Athol until his death in 1961.  His widow Isabel continued living at Athol until her death in 1979.

To Present

Bob and Ina Somervaille who had earlier purchased the surrounding land prior to Isabel’s death, purchased the homestead.  At the time it was in need of extensive renovations.  They set about restoring both the house and the gardens to the standard we see today.  Bob and Ina’s great love were the gardens at Athol.  David and Karen Somervaille have developed the landscaping, added a covered terrace and sourced some fascinating rare trees and shrubs continuing in the footsteps of Bob and Ina.

Garden from Terrace | Athol Gardens Weddings & Functions, Blayney NSW
Manicured Hedges | Athol Gardens Weddings & Functions, Blayney NSW

The Location

Athol Gardens is easily accessible from the Mid Western Highway at Blayney and a comfortable 30 minute drive from the popular destinations of Bathurst, Orange and Cowra. 

Located at 84 Newbridge Rd, Blayney, an easy 800m stroll to Blayney’s CBD where local pubs, bakeries, cafes, shops and boutique retail stores are situated.


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